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House cleaning can be a chore and we know you have many choices in hiring a cleaning service. That's why we are constantly improving our already high standards to give you the absolute best in the industry. We want you to trust the cleaning crew to perform a first-class job each time. We put our employees through a rigorous training program so that each member of the cleaning team understands their role and how it relates to the overall performance of the team. In addition to your regular maid service, we are happy to provide one-time housecleaning for special occasions, moving, or seasonal deep cleaning services. Ways Cleaning allows you to:

  • Manage your time and budget
  • Choose your own cleaning frequency
  • Get the exact cleaning tasks you need
  • Reschedule visits as needed
  • No contracts or commitments
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Keep the same cleaners for every visit
  • Professionally trained and experienced
  • Schedule and pay online
  • Fully insured cleaning staff
  • Trained on eco-friendly cleaning
  • Pet friendly with safe ingredients

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Why Ways Cleaning?

We are confident that you will appreciate our professional cleaning services and you will see why we have become one of the most respected housecleaning services in Broward county. This drive for excellence has allowed our company to grow from a small Pembroke Pines based maid service to a robust house cleaning company serving the entire Fort Lauderdale area. Here are a few examples of our customized maid services.

1. Regular Home Cleaning:

“I just want a regular schedule to keep my home clean.”

Most clients have a regular home cleaning schedule either weekly or bi-weekly. With regular house cleaning service, you can enjoy the consistency of a well maintained home. We tailor our cleaning tasks during each visit so that your home gets fully cleaned during the appointment. The regularly scheduled visits prevent any one area from getting too dirty and maintains a totally clean and healthy environment. Regular weekly or bi-weekly maid service is usually the most economical choice because the cleaning require less time and are discounted based on frequency.

2. Partial Home Cleaning:

“I don’t really need my whole house cleaned. I just want the playroom and bathrooms cleaned.”

Partial cleans are great for families that have their cleaning tasks under control but need a little help in certain areas. We all know that some rooms get used more and ultimately dirtier than others. Kitchens, play areas, bathrooms and family rooms seem to get hit hard when it comes to dirt and clutter. A partial clean can help you stay on top of these areas without breaking the budget. The partial clean is also a great choice for people who do not want their entire home cleaned at the same time.

3. The Budget Clean:

“I can't spend more than $100 to prepare for my guests. What can we do for that much?”

The budget cleaning is a wonderful option for people who can only afford a certain amount each week or month for cleaning services. If you have budget constraints, we can work with you to customize a cleaning routine that will fit that budget and help you stay on top of your cleaning responsibilities. You can provide the total amount you would like to spend or the amount of time you feel the tasks will take to complete. We can then provide a customized cleaning solution.

4. The Occasional Clean:

“I only need help cleaning after big parties and family reunions. I don’t really need a regular cleaning schedule.”

The occasional clean is another way our customized cleaning options work for those times when unusual circumstances call for extra cleaning help. These times can include family parties, holidays, sickness, or long term company staying with you. The occasional cleaning is also a great gift for a new mother, or as a holiday present.  The occasional clean can help you address a larger scale mess that your home does not usually experience.

5. Additional Cleaning Appointments:

“I have my regular appointments scheduled, but I need an extra appointment after my family was here for the holidays!”

Ways Cleaning is here to accommodate you whether or not you have a regularly scheduled cleaning service. We understand that a holiday or another big event can leave you in need of extra help. We can provide a quick clean up or a full intermittent cleaning. The additional cleaning appointment is also great if your regular routine is interrupted by vacations, visitors, illness, etc.

6. Party and Event Help:

“I'm having a party and need help serving refreshments and cleaning up as the party goes along.”

Ways Cleaning offers staff to assist your guests and make sure the event goes without a hitch. The event staff can set up tables and food stations, clear dishes, serve drinks, empty trash receptacles, and provide any added help needed to make sure your party is a hit. After party clean-up can be a challenge as well. We can provide one or more housekeepers to get your home back in order in no time.

7. Laundry, Dishes and Decorating:

“My house is clean, but I get overwhelmed with laundry and other household tasks."

This is where our housekeeping assistance help really shines! We can discuss the types of tasks and cleaning you need and send a helper to knock out these chores while you do the other things you enjoy. This includes making beds, doing laundry, organizing rooms and closets, decorating assistance, garage clean outs, and most other household tasks. We can also take care of light yard work and patio cleaning.

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