Party / Event Cleaning

party and banquet event cleaning

Party / Event Cleaning

Our party and event cleaning services gives you the choice to enjoy your event without worrying about the set up or clean up. We can even offer help serving, clearing dishes, assisting guests or any other task needed to make your party a success. Whether the party is at your home, office or banquet center, our cleaning staff will take care of the cleaning details and make sure the space is ready for the next day. Each service is tailored to your needs and to the size of the event. We provide services for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, family reunions, picnics and any other event.

How does our party/event cleaning system work?

We first discuss the venue and plans for your party or event. We can help you gauge the number of assistants you will need based on the tasks. Some clients need help setting up the dining space or serving areas, while others prefer our assistance when it's time to clean up the tables, dishes or serving stations. Whatever is needed, you can count on us to provide the helping hands needed to make your event a success.

Party/Event cleaning services are perfect for:

  • Corporate Events
    Let us arrange seating, tables, literature, refreshments, name tags, registration, etc. After the event, we can clean up as necessary to return the space to its original condition.
  • Birthdays / Anniversaries
    The excitement of a birthday party or anniversary shouldn't be hampered by the duties of cleaning up or keeping track of refreshments. Our staff can stay on top of the guests and their needs so that you can enjoy the celebration.
  • Weddings / Catered Events
    Special events such as weddings always need extra staff to attend to guests or last minute tasks. This may include assistance with guest seating, refreshment stations, coat check or other help to ease the flow of guests. We can even provide servers to hand out drinks and refreshments during the reception.
  • Valet / Crowd Control
    Events with larger crowds may need help with parking and/or valet services. We can also provide personnel to assist in crowd control to ease the flow of foot traffic. Some outdoor events may have several sections and people may need manned information stations or assistance with elderly or disabled guests.
  • Picnics / Outdoor Events
    Picnics or sporting events can be a challenge unless you have enough staff on hand. Let us help by setting up tents, tables and chairs. We can also provide help with food stations, grills, trash removal and post event clean up.

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